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SBC ‘Deputy Leader’ Goes On Strike

Mardy Labour Councillor, Liz Colling, who claims to be deputy leader of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) when no such position exists, has clearly had enough of workshy SBC leader Steve Siddons. Blairite Colling, who is desperate to lead the council, has decided to withdraw her labour ‘to spend more time with her family’.

Skiving socialist supremo Siddons, who was absent one in three meetings during his last term in office and has taken more holidays than Judith Chalmers, has been noticeably absent during the economically disastrous lockdown, which has struck down many Scarborough and Whitby businesses.

Ambitious Colling has privately incessantly moaned about having to do Siddons’ job of closing roads and car parks and telling tourists to bugger off to ‘boost’ the local economy for only half the money Siddons’ receives.


From: “Cllr.Liz Colling” <>
Date: 5 June 2020 at 15:13:04 BST
To: Councillors Email Group <>
Cc: Mike Greene <>, Richard Bradley <>, Nick Edwards <>, Lisa Dixon <>
Subject: Having some time off

Firstly thank you all for your support and help at this unprecedented time.

I think as a council and as a wider community we have pulled together and demonstrated  our commitment and the community spirit that we will need to get us through the coming months .

Our staff have been fabulous it has been both an honour and humbling to have worked with them these last weeks , thank you to them all! 

As many of you will know my son returned late March  from his studies in New York to the safe haven that is Scarborough .We have not spent much time together, he self isolated for two weeks when he first arrived , he has had his final exams to complete and I have been busy with council matters .  

I plan to make the most of the fact that he is unexpectedly home and take some time off before he leaves again to start his career , whenever that might be allowed.

Not sure how long we will last together!   (we are uncomfortably alike in many respects but at least we know that.) 

In my absence please can you refer :-

1) all Covid matters to Lisa Dixon

2) Questions on my regeneration portfolio to Richard Bradley

3) any political matters to the Leader 

For my constituents I will place an out of office message on my email and my colleagues in Falsgrave and Stepney ( Will and Neil ) have kindly allowed me to direct any queries to them .

Thank you all again 

Liz Colling
Councillor Falsgrave and Stepney Ward
Cabinet member Inclusive Growth
Scarborough Borough Council

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