Thursday 11th July 2024,
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The Dishonest Alison Hume

July 2, 2024 Misc

Once upon a time there was a proud Essex girl called Alison Hume. Alison dreamed of becoming a writer and studied hard at The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College. Alison’s dreams came true. But Alison found the industry very difficult to get into, the work didn’t pay very well and the opportunities were very limited. So Alison decided on a change of career.

Alison decided to seek a more lucrative career. One that guaranteed money whether you were talented or talentless. So Alison joined the Labour Party and sought to become an elected politician. Alison tried a number of times and failed before getting the chance to seek election as an MP.

Alison’s big chance to become an MP came at the 2024 General Election. Labour knew the Tories were in complete disarray after lying to their voters for 14 years while not having delivered a single conservative policy in all that time, so Alison was parachuted into the Scarborough & Whitby constituency.

As is customary in all election campaigns, the candidate must try and claim they are local to the constituency, so invariably they lie or stretch the truth on their election material.

Alison had one problem. Alison was on the alumni page of the The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College claiming to be a proud Essex girl. So Alison sought to cover up her past to give her a better chance of being elected and was silently removed from the alumni page. But as the Enquirer frequently points out, the Internet never forgets.

Here is what Alison didn’t want you to find on the Internet.

As is usual in politics, it’s not the lie that holes them below the water, it’s the cover up.

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