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Whitby Regatta – limited or not?

REGATTA DE BLANC (CHEQUE?) IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD ~ Since publishing an article on 29th June 2012, I have been asked to explain exactly why it is that I am so [...]

July 26, 2012 Misc, Scarborough Borough Council

“Sign Here, Mr Mayor!” – CodHead 045

“Sign Here, Mr Mayor!” CodHead seems to have extrapolated here, from a number of obscure acronyms – NYPA, BCI, DTL, AF&GSL, WR, W&DFSL – you name ’em. Mix and match, if you will. [Satire] [...]

July 18, 2012 Cartoons

Assets of Scarborough

When you think about the assets of Scarborough, what comes to mind? The Marine Drive is probably our biggest draw. People love being so close to what can be the most powerful force of nature. A walk on the golden [...]

July 15, 2012 Scarborough Borough Council

Open Letter to Mr Jeremy HOLDERNESS – CEO NYPA

Open Letter From Nigel Ward To Mr Jeremy HOLDERNESS – Chief Executive Officer – North Yorkshire Police Authority IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST Jeremy, I note, for the record, that you have not accorded my urgent email of 19th inst. with [...]

July 13, 2012 North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Scarborough Borough Council

“Small Recompense” – CodHead 044

“Small Recompense” CodHead is remembering Nigel Ward’s  Freedom of Information requests and campaign to locate 23 works of fine art listed as ‘missing’ (plus another one, listed as ‘stolen’) from the Scarborough Borough Fine Art Inventory. This most recent donation, [...]

July 11, 2012 Cartoons

SBC: Town Hall Move Costs

Information has just come to light that puts the costs put forward by Scarborough Borough Council in support of their proposed move of the Town Hall to Eastfield in new light. It has long been suspected that Scarborough Borough Council [...]

July 10, 2012 Scarborough Borough Council

JANE KENYON: Police Misconduct Update

JANE KENYON: Police Misconduct Update IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST Following Tim HICKS’ detailed account of crimes committed by Councillor KENYON (released first Real Whitby readers on Sunday 9th July 2012), the investigative magazine PRIVATE EYE has run an exposé in today’s issue. The [...]

July 10, 2012 Private Eye

“Bill’s School Report” – CodHead 043

“Bill’s School Report” CodHead’s treasure trove of forgotten school reports has thrown up another gem. [Satire] [...]

July 10, 2012 Cartoons

SBC: Neglect of Public Buildings

It has long been suspected that Scarborough Borough Council had a policy of the wilful neglect of public buildings, resulting in them being left in an appalling condition, thus building the financial case for their future disposal to their favoured [...]

July 5, 2012 Scarborough Borough Council

“Foxmouth, North Yorks” – CodHead 042

“Foxmouth, North Yorks” Following the recent brouhaha about Scarborough Borough Council Elections Team changing the postal address of the village of Lythe near Whitby (to East Barnby), CodHead expresses his fears that SBC Leader Councillor Tom Fox will impose his [...]

July 4, 2012 Cartoons