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JANE KENYON: Police Misconduct Update

July 10, 2012 Private Eye

JANE KENYON: Police Misconduct Update


Following Tim HICKS’ detailed account of crimes committed by Councillor KENYON (released first Real Whitby readers on Sunday 9th July 2012), the investigative magazine PRIVATE EYE has run an exposé in today’s issue.

The article appears in their “Rotten Boroughs” column – Fleet Street’s pre-eminent investigative forum, dedicated to exposing Local Government corruption.

Hicks commented:

“I feel deeply saddened, following the series of corruption scandals surrounding Chief Police Officers in North Yorkshire – some of which remain unresolved – that ordinary rank-and-file Police officers and civilian staff of North Yorkshire Police have been let down so badly by a member of their senior management so soon on the heels of the Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell humiliation. 

The North Yorkshire Police Authority is led by a person whom the Police Authority openly admits has committed a criminal offence – an offence punishable by disbarrment from being a Councillor Astonishingly, the NYPA deems this is ‘a minor infraction’. 

Only the existence of a high level cover-up within the authority, including the collusion of Monitoring Officers, has prevented Councillor Kenyon’s arrest. Yet Councillor Kenyon has not even offered an apology.

As a result of Councillor Kenyon’s refusal to resign and the failure of the Police Authority to take the appropriate action, North Yorkshire Police is now the only Police force in the civilised world where the person in charge of maintaining standards and holding the police to account, is openly admitted to have committed one criminal offence and is maintaining her right to silence in respect of other well-documented allegations of criminal offences.

This makes Councillor Kenyon, North Yorkshire Police and the North Yorkshire Police Authority a national laughing stock.

Councillor Kenyon has brought North Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Police into national –perhaps international – disrepute and failed utterly in her duty as a Councillor not to bring the Authorities on which she serves into disrepute.

Her only honourable course of action now is to resign.”

Tim HICKS’ relentless investigation into corruption in North Yorkshire Police and on the Police Authority is continuing. My information is that there are to be further revelations of the gravest kind concerning another member of the authority towards the end of the week.

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