Monday 05th June 2023,
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Scarborough Bottom Enders Betrayed?

Scarborough Bottom Enders Betrayed? One year ago today, on 31st May 2022, Scarborough businessman Mr Peter LEE published an 8-page Open Letter, countersigned by 100 residents of Scarborough’s Bottom End. The Open Letter was addressed to: 1). The Town Deal [...]

May 31, 2023 Letters, North Yorkshire County Council

Parish Politics – Gone to the Dogs?

Parish Politics – Gone to the Dogs! A Letter to the Editor from Steve CROSBY, a Parish Councillor in Osgodby, North Yorkshire, making the case for a keener public engagement in local non-party politics. ~~~~~ Sir, The image of British local governance [...]

May 29, 2023 Letters, North Yorkshire County Council

“It Can’t Be Put Right!”

“It Can’t Be Put Right!” Inspired by the ever-expanding series of Enquirer articles on Potto Parish Council, MANDY THOMPSON, Labour Town Councillor 2013-17 (hereinafter “the whistle-blower”), writes to relate her own ‘insider’ experiences of corrupt local government at Peterlee Town [...]

May 22, 2023 Letters, Town & Parish

Open Letter from the Mayor of Whitby

Open Letter from the newly-elected Mayor of Whitby Following an invitation from Enquirer correspondent NIGEL WARD, Whitby Town Councillor Bob DALRYMPLE, the newly-elected Mayor of Whitby, has submitted a commendable Open Letter to the people of Whitby encouraging their engagement [...]

May 10, 2023 Letters, Whitby Town

“Potto Circus”

A Letter to the Editor from ADAM TAYLOR, an eagle-eyed Potto-watching Enquirer reader, pointing out a telling omission from Enquirer correspondent NIGEL WARD’s most recent report on the extraordinary conduct of Potto Parish Council. ~~~~~ Dear Editor I’ve been an [...]

May 6, 2023 Letters, Potto, Town & Parish

“Chat BS”

A Letter to the Editor from Margaret Wilson, of Primrose Valley, comparing the latest offering from the world of Artifical Intelligence (AI) with the insightful work of real citizen journalists investigating the personalities and events of local politics, in the [...]

April 11, 2023 Letters

“Local Council Malpractice”

A Letter to the Editor, in complimentary terms, from a reader in the North East who, having read Nigel Ward’s on-going systematic ‘vivisection’ of Potto Parish Council, is seeking assistance in exposing malpractice and ‘cover-ups’ at her own local authority. [...]

February 21, 2023 Letters, Potto

“Out of the Bag”

“Out of the Bag” The North Yorks Enquirer has received a deeply disturbing Letter to the Editor from a Whitby educator who, for fear of recriminations and/or retaliation, has requested anonymity. Only because the information contained therein has been confirmed [...]

February 20, 2023 Letters, North Yorkshire County Council

YCBID: A Compendium of Famous ‘Fails’

YCBID: A Compendium of Famous ‘Fails’ A Letter to the Editor from regular correspondent WILLIAM PARKIN, who has made his own careful study of the performance of the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID) Ltd., as compared to an extravagant [...]

February 9, 2023 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

YCBID: On the Ropes?

YCBID: On the Ropes? A Letter to the Editor from regular correspondent WILLIAM PARKIN, drawing attention to a public disclosure by East Riding of Yorkshire Council that should surely be mirrored by Scarborough Borough Council but (guess what) is not. [...]

January 23, 2023 East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Letters, Scarborough Borough Council