Saturday 15th June 2024,
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Water Quality Flagged Up

A Letter to the Editor from former Scarborough Borough Councillor GUY SMITH, lamenting the lack of action in response to shameful bathing water quality on the North Yorkshire coast. ~~~~~ Dear Editor As we all know, there have been many [...]

June 8, 2024 Letters

YCBID Leech ‘Plucked’ Off

A Letter to the Editor from Bridlington businessman, Phill Hardacre, commenting on the long-awaited demise of Yorkshire Coast BID Ltd following a humilating 86% defeat in the renewal ballot (see below). ~~~~~ Dear Mr Editor I see that Mr Clive [...]

June 6, 2024 Letters, North Yorkshire County Council


“Northallerton-by-the-Sea” A Letter to the Editor from BOB ROBERTS, one of Scarborough’s leading maritime and harbours afficionados, decrying North Yorkshire Council’s abandonment of our coastal communities. ~~~~~ Sir, Only this week in Prime Minister’s Question Time, the PM responded to [...]

May 18, 2024 Letters, North Yorkshire County Council


The North Yorks Enquirer feels bound, in the public interest, to reproduce the following Open Letter to NYC Councillor Neil Swannick, from a Whitby elector –  the recently co-opted Whitby Town Councillor, Jacqui Layman. The Enquirer will always welcome correspondence [...]

May 3, 2024 Letters, North Yorkshire County Council, Whitby Town

An Error of Omission (WTC)

An Error of Omission (WTC) Two Letters to the Editor correcting an error of omission spotted in our recent article “Accountability: NYC & WTC” – the first from Mrs Rachel Henderson, formerly of Whitby and now of County Durham; the [...]

April 19, 2024 Letters, Whitby Town

In Praise of “Hebo”

In Praise of “Hebo” A Letter to the Editor, in a deeply satirical vein, from NUJ journalist and NYE crime correspondent TIM HICKS, who discerns, at least as well as the next man, where ‘the Michael’ can be justly and [...]

February 4, 2024 Letters, Whitby Town

Clerk Wanted

Clerk Wanted A Letter to the Editor from Christine Beaumont of Haxby, who is puzzled by Whitby Town Council’s exhorbitant staffing costs. ~~~~~ Dear Editor, I have been following the North Yorkshire Enquirer for some time, along with the Stray [...]

January 16, 2024 Letters, Town & Parish

OPEN LETTER to the Mayor of Whitby

OPEN LETTER to the Mayor of Whitby An Open Letter to the Mayor of Whitby, pointing out some ‘procedural improprieties’ which, if promptly rectified, may spare the public purse the cost of further Audit Investigation Fees. ~~~~~ Councillor Bob DALRYMPLE [...]

January 12, 2024 Letters, Whitby Town

STDB Critique

Scarborough Town Deal Board Critique A Letter to the Editor from former Scarborough resident TERRY WADE, offering an informed opinion on the crisis of credibility facing the present membership of the Scarborough Town Deal Board. ~~~~~ Dear Editor The end of [...]

January 7, 2024 Letters

Town Meeting/Assembly NOT Cancelled

Town Meeting/Assembly NOT Cancelled A Letter to the Editor from Mrs JOYCE STANGOE, minute-taker of the Town Meeting/Assembly of 18th September 2023, writes to assure Whitby residents that the Public Meeting to be held in the Ballroom of the Royal [...]

December 19, 2023 Letters, Whitby Town