Thursday 11th July 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

YCBID Leech ‘Plucked’ Off

A Letter to the Editor from Bridlington businessman, Phill Hardacre, commenting on the long-awaited demise of Yorkshire Coast BID Ltd following a humilating 86% defeat in the renewal ballot (see below).


Dear Mr Editor

I see that Mr Clive Rowe-Evans (a man no-one has even met) has lost his job.

Time for him to get on his bike and find a new area to scam.

As he rides off into the sunset, he can reflect on all the business owners whose lives he and his team have made a misery.

If he does not have a bike, I am sure we can have a whip-round to get him one.

Much love,
Phill Hardacre
Roxy Amusements

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