Sunday 19th May 2024,
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STRANGEWAY Discloses Massive ERYC Child Sexual Abuse Failure

STRANGEWAY Discloses Massive ERYC Child Sexual Abuse Failure

NYE Guest Author, campaigner Andy STRANGEWAY (also an ERYC elected Ward Councillor), has published shocking revelations regarding the apparent cover-up of a horrific child sexual abuse case in the East Riding.


ERYC Silence On Child Abuse

Many will be aware of the St Williams child abuse case in Market Weighton yet few will be aware how ERYC officers misled Councillors and how Councillors accepted information from officers to be correct.

All of this on the watch of ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby.

The following is reproduced by kind permission of Graham Baverstock who was one of the many children abused at St Williams.

  • Graham Anthony Baverstock – Child abuse victim
  • Councillor Rowan Blake James – ERYC Conservative Councillor for Pocklington Provincial
  • Martin Farran – ERYC Officer Social Services
  • Darryl Stephenson – Former ERYC Chief Executive
  • Councillors Jefferies/ Brian  – ERYC Liberal Democrat Councillor Brian Jefferies for Hessle
  • Tony Hunter – ERYC Director Social Services
  • James Redmond Carragher – Convicted Paedophile

There is currently a culture at ERYC to accept everything an officer says as gospel. Indeed ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby recently stated in full council:

“Have a go at me but don’t have a go at the officers”.

The sole purpose of all 67 ERYC Councillors is to ensure checks and balances yet the ERYC Leader states we should not question officers. That is our elected duty.

Why do up to 66 ERYC Councillors accept that everything Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Councillor Stephen Parnaby, ERYC Leader state to be correct?

For example the conduct of the Standards Committee fails on the most basic level, Safeguarding is fundamentally flawed and Planning leaves a lot to be desired but apart from Councillor Andy Strangeway the other 66 Councillors remain silent on these issues.


Open Message To ERYC Councillors

ERYC plc is corrupt to the core.

What will it take for you to fulfil your elected duty to carry out checks and balances?

Will you finally stand up if your Grandchild is buggered?

Graham Baverstock was someone’s Grandchild.

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