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Guido Fawkes on Whitby (?) Candidate

Guido Fawkes on Whitby (?) Candidate Oh, dear. Oh, dear. The Guido Fawkes website ( has unearthed a spot of Labour/ex-Labour hilarity in various forthcoming elections. Former Labour stalwart Asa JONES – the recently-resigned member of Whitby Town Council, who [...]

May 24, 2024 Whitby Town

YCBID – Is It Right 4 U?

YCBID – Is It Right 4 U? Guest Author Alderman NORMAN MURPHY explains the “whys and wherefores” of the Business Improvement District. ~~~~~ Is a Business Improvement District the right option for your area? Before a BID proposal is presented to [...]

May 2, 2024 East Riding of Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire County Council

“Cowards – One And All”

“Cowards – One And All” Our Guest Author, Alderman NORMAN MURPHY shares his views on the Prime Minister’s ‘ghost’ visit to Scarborough (as reported in the Enquirer, here). ~~~~~ On 25th January 2024, my birthday as it happens, a very unusual event [...]

February 2, 2024 Scarborough Borough Council


WHITBY SECONDARY EDUCATION Today’s Guest Author is former Eskdale School Chair of Governors (and former Scarborough Borough Councillor) MIKE WARD, who writes to comment on recent announcements regarding the future of secondary education in Whitby – and the lamentable (and [...]

January 23, 2024 North Yorkshire County Council

NYC Planning Portal Ban – Claim Debunked

NYC Planning Portal Ban – Claim Debunked Campaigner ANDY STRANGEWAY has encountered a ‘strange loop’ in North Yorkshire Council’s ‘cyber security defence’ package that is causing grave interference to Planning Applications – with no Local Plan expected until 2028. Andy [...]

December 16, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council

NYC Councillors Speak

NYC Councillors Speak Guest Author Alderman NORMAN MURPHY writes to record his pleasant surprise at a number of Scarborough North Yorkshire Councillors asking some of the right questions. ~~~~~ I have been moved to put pen to paper to record [...]

December 8, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council
County Hall - Northallerton

NYC Press Coverage (Nov.’23)

North Yorkshire Council media summary w/c November 6, 2023 Martin Feekins, Senior Press and Publications Officer at North Yorkshire Council, has provided Councillors and Officers with a comprehensive summary of press articles during the week commencing Monday 6th November 2023 [...]

November 11, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council

Whitby Parish Poll – Results

Whitby Parish Poll – Results Following a very poor turn-out of only 310 voters, it was unsurprising to learn that from an electorate of 10,103, only 73 votes were cast in support of the present membership of Whitby Town Council [...]

October 6, 2023 Whitby Town

A (Wild) Eye on the Money?

A (Wild) Eye on the Money? Enquirer Harbours correspondent ALLAN ROBERTS follows up on three previous articles questioning the prudence of the directing minds behind the Scarborough & Whitby Town Deals Boards. A salutary exercise in the time-honoured exhortation to [...]

August 16, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council

Town Deal Truths and Half-Truths

Town Deal Truths and Half-Truths   Guest Author Stormin’ Norman Murphy writes to disentangle the Gordian knot. ~~~~~ Much has been said recently, and indeed written about, with regard to the £22 million Scarborough has been awarded from the Town Deal Fund (TDF) and [...]

July 25, 2023 North Yorkshire County Council, Scarborough Borough Council