Wednesday 12th June 2024,
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New SBC Harbour Regulations

New SBC Harbour Regulations



This recent BBC Report on the Ports of Scarborough, Whitby and Filey Coble Landing caught my eye. It concerns new measures implemented by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to improve the quality of water in the harbours and along the coastline.

Following on from the many articles published in the NYE expressing concern about the local bathing water quality. New regulations now prohibit vessels from emptying their toilets and other polluted water from sinks, etc., whilst they are within the Harbours. To police this, vessels will be asked to put a dye tablet in the toilet or holding tank, which will identify any polluters.

SBC believes it is the first local authority to take this innovative measure.

This is intended to help protect the water quality and make the sea cleaner for both humans and wildlife. Clearly a good idea.

The new regulations are described very clearly on the SBC website, which also covers litter, business waste:

The regulations also advise disposing of food properly, so that it doesn’t encourage seagulls, which also pollute the harbour with droppings.

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