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JOHAN ZEGSTROO [LibDem]: “Stronger Economy. Fairer Society”

April 29, 2015 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from Johan ZEGSTROO of Eastfield (who is defending his seat in the Eastfield ward of the Scarborough Borough Council local elections for the LibDems), introducing himself to the Borough electorate.

Like the North Yorks Enquirer, Johan is a noted proponent of openness and transparency.


Dear Voter,

I am, as many of you will know, Johan Zegstroo and I am standing for re-election as your Borough Councillor on the Scarborough Borough Council for Eastfield.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the many kind messages of support I have had whilst campaigning in Eastfield this election and for the great honour you gave me in electing me as your councillor four years ago.

It is heartening to realise quite how much the case work I have been doing for you over the last four years has impacted on you for the good; I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you over the years. While I have also been your Ward Councillor at Scarborough Council I have been an active member of several Committees including Planning and also served as an Eastfield Parish Councillor.

I have lived on Eastfield and run my Bouncy Castle hire business from here for over fourteen years and now and cannot imagine living anywhere else; this is home to me, my wife Jackie and our three children. We love the strong sense of community, with the help of family and friends we have been able to set up a Table Tennis & Badminton Club at Eastfield Community Centre. Badminton will start later this summer at the Leisure Centre. We hope this will be a well loved and well used resource to many of Eastfield.

I am asking for your vote in this important election and hope with your vote to achieve more openness and transparency of the Scarborough Council. With money raised by the new developments in Eastfield we can improve and expand over a period of time the facilities on Eastfield. Scarborough Borough Council Owes that to the people living in Eastfield.

I have always sort to put Eastfield first. I believe being a councillor is not telling people what is good for them, it’s about listening to them. With your vote, I will continue campaigning for better public services, safer and cleaner streets, better care for the elderly, more facilities for our young people and scrapping the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

We need to fight for our health services, including Hospitals, Health Centres, NHS Dentists, post offices, better public transport and transport links, better roads, cycle lanes, more affordable homes and more Bobbies on the beat – out helping in the community, not at desks filling in paperwork and meeting targets.

While many of these are not within our remit as Borough Councillors we can still present (and I have presented) the needs of the people of the People Of Eastfield to County and Central Government.

But please remember that my fight is not against the other parties or individuals, it is for EASTFIELD. For You.

Please consider giving me your vote on Thursday May 7th.

Very best wishes and thanks,


Johan ZEGSTROO, Eastfield. 29th April, 2015.


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