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95% Of Motor Caravans Unticketable

Guest Author Andy STRANGEWAY highlights a glaring and fatal error in the NYCC/SBC ‘No Motor Caravan’ on-street parking regulations.


95% Of Motor Caravans Unticketable

Despite the fact that I have given Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) numerous opportunities, they have not had the courtesy to even respond. Due to this lack of courtesy, I came to the opinion that I should re-open my investigation into the “No Motor Caravan” restrictions in the SBC area.


What I uncovered makes for uncomfortable reading for SBC, all Local Authorities, the Department for Transport (DfT) and Scarborough and Whitby Conservative MP Robert Goodwill, who is the Transport Minister. My investigations will be welcome news to the UK motorhomers.

Today I reveal Part One, tomorrow I reveal Part Two!


I re-opened the investigation by taking a closer look at North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) “No Motor Caravans” order. My attention was drawn to the extract above:

“A vehicle of category ‘M’ …..”

I then phoned numerous motorhomers. All confirmed that on their Registration Certificate (RC) – usually referred to as ‘log-book’ – the “Vehicle Category” was blank (as can be seen from the extract below). This means that all motorhomers who have a RC with no stated vehicle category are “exempt” from the SBC “No Motor Caravan” legislation.

I then needed to establish how many of the motorhomes in England are not of “Vehicle Category ‘M’”. The DfT vehicle stats provided the answer. The most up to date figures I have are for March 2014 these show that:

  • There are 233,782 UK motorhomes
  • As per the RC, 100% of motorhomes are not motor caravans as per the Directive 2007/46/EC and the NYCC “No Motor Caravans” order,



100% of motorhomes are not of “Vehicle Category ‘M’” and as such the NYCC order does not apply to them.

NYCC/SBC have wasted thousands of pounds bringing in an order which cannot apply to any of those they intended to target.

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Subject: 95% Of Motor Caravans Unticketable

Dear Sir/Madam,

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I would like to thank SBC for their lack of courtesy that lead me to reopen my investigation.

Part two will be published tomorrow.

Kindest Regards,

Andy Strangeway

Post up-dated 25th January 2016

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