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Whitby Schools PR Wars

Whitby Schools PR Wars

Mystery surrounds a brace of mutually contradictory social media postings concerning the future of Eskdale School in Whitby.

On Friday 24th March 2017. Mr Keith PRYTHERCH, Headteacher at Caedmon College Whitby, posted the following Tweet:

Setting aside the shortcomings in the Headteacher’s standard of literacy, the Tweet is highly contentious, both in its content and in its timing. For 24 hours, it caused alarm, fear and distress to a large number of Whitby students and their parents, to such degree that any repetition of this claim could be conceivably construed as harassment.

Readers may recall the optimistic Statement published by the Eskdale School Board of Governors on 11th November 2016.

It was on the basis of this Statement that parents, teachers, students and much of the town’s interested public regarded the fight to save Eskdale School as all but won.

Having alerted the Fight to Save Eskdale School Facebook presence to Mr PRYTHERCH‘s Tweet, I contacted sources in the North Yorkshire education sector, all of whom responded to the effect that Mr PRYTHERCH‘s claim was false and mischievous, if not outright malicious. The general view was that it was intended to cause consternation and distress, and perhaps to drive parents in the direction of registering their children at Caedmon College Whitby.

On Saturday 25th March, Gillian TEANBY, Chair of the Eskdale School Board of Governos responded with the following Facebook posting:

This can only be read as a challenge to the veracity of Mr PRYTHERCH‘s claim – and indeed to his integrity more generally.

For more on the hotly-debated attempts, orchestrated by Mr PRYTHERCH and his friend Mr Pete DWYER, Corporate Director: Children & Young People’s Services, North Yorkshire County Council (the Local Education Authority), readers are recommended to read NYE Guest Author Mike WARD‘s take on the present impasse:

Part Three Next Week.





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