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Death of PC Keith Palmer

March 24, 2017 Police

Death of PC Keith Palmer

I read of the death of brave PC Palmer with great sadness. I thought he died heroically. Alone and unarmed facing a violent armed fanatic, whilst trying to protect innocent people from evil. I took the time to watch the tribute paid to him by Mr James Cleverly MP in the House of Commons and was very moved. I was astounded to learn that I served in the same Battery as PC Palmer and Mr Cleverly, shortly before their service.

I think that in the role of journalist holding police to account, it is always important to remember and emphasise that the vast majority of police officers are brave and hardworking, doing a difficult and dangerous job to the best of their ability. PC Palmer was one of them.

The speech by Mr Cleverly paying tribute to PC Palmer and tributes to some of the other victims can be seen in this BBC article

I would also support Mr Cleverly’s suggestion that PC Palmer should receive a posthumous decoration.

With my deepest sympathy to all the victims of Wednesday’s attack and their families.

Chief Constable’s statement of sympathy here

Tim Hicks

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