Saturday 25th May 2024,
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SBC: Futurist Press Release Puzzle

SBC have released information regarding the Futurist:

“Following Scarborough Borough councillors’ decision in September 2014 to take responsibility for demolishing buildings on the site of the Futurist theatre in Scarborough, a further report on the final cost implications of the Futurist site redevelopment is set to be included on the Full Council agenda early in the New Year.

“The council’s external advisers are currently working with the advisers of Flamingo Land Ltd to ensure that the proposals for the demolition of the existing buildings fully complement the redevelopment proposals. The advisers are obtaining further technical information to ensure that the most cost efficient proposals can be considered following completion of the latest ground investigation work and analysis”.

The more astute among you will recall that Scarborough Borough Councillors never made any decision about the Futurist in September 2014, as evidenced below.

Download the PDF file SBC Minutes 08092014.

SBC’s Cabinet did make an “In Principle” decision regarding the demolition of the Futurist building in September 2014, which comprised Six Tory and Two Independent Councillors.

An In Principle decision is one that can be made by a small group of Councillors, but it needs to be ratified by all Fifty Scarborough Borough Councillors at a Full Council meeting for the work to go ahead.

This did not take place so it wasn’t ratified by Full Council. Did SBC just try and mislead us all?

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