Tuesday 21st May 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Flamingo Land Tory Donations IV

Tory-dominated Scarborough Borough Council’s preferred bidder for the Foreshore Road Futurist Theatre site, Flamingo Land Limited and its director Gordon Gibb, have again made sizable donations to the Tory party.

The donations, which were recorded on the Electoral Commission web site this year, bring the total donated to the Tories by Flamingo Land and theme park director Gordon Gibb to a whopping £171,000.

Robert Goodwill, Scarborough & Whitby’s Two-Faced Tory Parliamentary Candidate claimed to be a ‘Staunch Eurosceptic‘ who actually came out for the Remain Campaign is quoted:

There are also exciting plans for an iconic attraction at the Futurist site.

As is usual for Goodwill, he’ll change his mind on any given subject if he can trouser a bit more money.

Gibb, the owner of Flamingo Land, has long eyed building a large development in Scarborough:

“We have been talking with the council for a number of years to see if there were any areas of major development to help them with.”

The vote to demolish the Futurist was taken on January 9th 2017. The result of St Nicholas St jury is as follows:

Councillor Alf Abbott Conservative Absent
Councillor Godfrey W Allanson Conservative FOR
Councillor G Andrew Backhouse Conservative Against
Councillor Luke Backhouse Conservative ABSTAIN
Councillor Derek J Bastiman Conservative FOR
Councillor Mrs Lynn Bastiman Conservative FOR
Councillor David Chance Conservative FOR
Councillor Guy Coulson Conservative FOR
Councillor Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff Conservative Absent
Councillor Thomas W Fox Conservative Absent
Councillor Simon Green Conservative FOR
Councillor Mrs Marie Harland Conservative Absent
Councillor David C Jeffels Conservative FOR
Councillor Andrew Jenkinson Conservative FOR
Councillor Mrs Hazel E Lynskey Conservative Against
Councillor Mrs Helen F Mallory Conservative FOR
Councillor Mrs Jane E Mortimer Conservative FOR
Councillor John Nock Conservative FOR
Councillor Clive Pearson Conservative FOR
Councillor Mrs Heather Phillips Conservative FOR
Councillor Joseph Plant Conservative FOR
Councillor Martin Smith Conservative FOR
Councillor Ms Roberta Florence Swiers Conservative FOR
Councillor Phillip Henry Trumper Conservative FOR
Councillor Mrs Sandra Turner Conservative FOR
Councillor Callam Walsh Conservative FOR
Councillor William Chatt Independent FOR
Councillor Mike Cockerill Independent FOR
Councillor Mrs Janet Jefferson Independent Against
Councillor Rob Barnett Labour Against
Councillor David L Billing Labour Against
Councillor Eric Broadbent Labour Against
Councillor Liz Colling Labour Against
Councillor Paul Cross Labour Against
Councillor Gerald Dennett Labour Against
Councillor Vanda Inman Labour FOR
Councillor Carl David Maw Labour Against
Councillor Richard Moody Labour Against
Councillor Neil Price Labour Absent
Councillor Tony Randerson Labour Absent
Councillor John Ritchie Labour Against
Councillor Steve Siddons Labour Against
Councillor John Warburton Labour Against
Councillor Sam Cross UKIP Against
Councillor Jonathan Dodds UKIP Against
Councillor Colin Haddington UKIP Against
Councillor Norman K Murphy UKIP Against
Councillor Roxanne Murphy UKIP Against
Councillor Dilys Vine Cluer Green Against
Councillor Mark Terence Vesey Green Against


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