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“Coastguard Call-Out!” – CodHead 016

May 3, 2011 Cartoons

“Coastguard Call-Out!”

CodHead apparently disagrees with Scarborough & Whitby NP Robert Goodwill, who, according to a report in the Whitby Gazette last month, supports the closure of Whitby Coastguard Station in the light of the comprehensive spending Review.

The Gazette had this to say:

Paul Chapman, coastguard watch officer at Humber Coastguard and PCS Union Branch Secretary told the Whitby Gazette he was insulted after sending an email to Mr Goodwill asking him to add his signature to call for the subject of the cuts to be debated in the House of Commons.

But instead, Mr Goodwill sent him a copy of the consultation document on the plans which will see overnight responsibility for search and rescue operations passed to one of three centres located more than 300 miles away in Aberdeen, Dover or Southampton.

Mr Chapman said: “I can assure Mr Goodwill that I have read the consultation document at great length and have completed and returned the response form. We have since received a briefing by a member of MCA Senior Management and as a result I will be completing a second response form – things are even worse than they first appeared.”

“Judging by comments attributed to Mr Goodwill I think he knows very little about the coastguard service. He doesn’t understand the implications of the proposed changes and probably hasn’t read the consultation document himself.”


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