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DfT – Large Numbers of Motorhomes Have No Category

Guest Author ANDY STRANGEWAY up-dates readers with official DfT confirmation that his analysis of the regulations in relation to the “No Overnight Motorhome Parking Ban” is correct. See also:

“95% Of Motor Caravans Unticketable” (24th January 2016)


“Govt. Anti-Motorhome Policy Exposed” (25th January 2016)

Where can Transport Secretary Robert GOODWILL go from here?

DfT – Large Numbers of Motorhomes Have No Category

Today I received an email from the Department for Transport (DfT) that confirms a large number of motorhomes have no vehicle category.

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“… a large number of these vehicles (motorhomes) have no category type and significant numbers of those that do are not M1″  Mike Dark, DfT Statistics.

This statement confirms, as stated in Govt Anti- Motorhome Policy Exposed, that the DfT, in 2012, introduced “No Motor Caravan” signs that could not be applied to the vast majority of motorhomes as they make a false statement. As such they are unlawful and:

  • All “No Motor Caravan” signs in England must be removed.
  • All monies paid to Local Authorities who issued PCNs for “breaching” “No Motor Caravan” orders must be refunded.
  • If the signs remain in place each Local Authority is committing fraud.

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