Wednesday 17th July 2024,
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Vision vs. Reality

Vision vs. Reality

NYE harbours correspondent ALLAN ROBERTS offers the following rejoinder to ROGER PICKSTOCK’s recent Letter to the Editor on the subject of the Hemingway Design ‘Masterplan’ for the regeneration of Scarborough Harbour.


Having read Roger Pickstock’s analysis of the Hemingway Design Masterplan for the regeneration of Scarborough Harbour, and in particular Roger’s take on the term ‘VISION’, which he kindly describes as,


– an interesting word having the definition: “mental image”, “concept”“apparition”

– antonyms: “actuality”, “fact”, “reality”, “truth”.

Hemingway’s ‘Vision’ for the future of Luna Park as a restaurant/café is based solely on the premise that a restaurant would be ideal because it would offer the best “uninterrupted views of the harbour”.

In reality, the illustration that Hemingway Design uses for its perception of that VISION are far different from what is actually on offer and could, I suggest, be described as an ANTONYM of that VISION, composed mainly of mud, the wrecks of abandoned vessels and precious little else.

The “uninterrupted views” . . .

I believe the Hemingway Design ‘Masterplan’ would be more accurately described as a “Pipe Dream” than a “Vision”.


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