Friday 24th May 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

The All-Seeing ‘Eye’

The All-Seeing ‘Eye’

Scarborough Borough Council’s attempts to keep secret the names of the seven magnificent individuals ‘deemed’ to be “unreasonably persistent complainants” (i.e. those with legitimate grievances against the Council for whom all avenues of redress continue to be blocked) or “vexatious” (i.e. smart enough to see the Directorate’s affection for secrecy for what it really is – self-preservation) has been blown wide open to a quarter of a million readers by Private Eye magazine – the nation’s pre-eminent exposeur of the organised crime cartels infesting local and national government.

The Enquirer hopes to publish a full account in due course.

Meanwhile – with the illegal interception of Councillors’ and electors’ emails continuing – please join us in our Seasonal Greetings to the Magnificent Seven!

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