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WTC: “Animal Farm”

WTC: “Animal Farm” – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, responding to reader-feedback on the Enquirer’s coverage of Whitby Town Council’s Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday 26th September 2023, where, despite a packed public gallery, members proceeded to verbally [...]

September 30, 2023 Whitby Town

“The New Normal?”

A Letter to the Editor from IAN DIXON, expressing his concerns regarding the nature of “the new normal”. ~~~~~ Sir, Who would have predicted a year ago that our country would be in the state it is in now? We [...]

May 13, 2020 Letters

Sirius Consequences

Sirius Consequences A Letter to the Editor from IAN DIXON of Whitby, bemoaning tragic consequences for local investors in the Sirius Minerals project. ~~~~~ As a local, I campaigned from the start for the Sirius Project, attending lots of meetings [...]

January 11, 2020 Letters

“Only the View is Free in Whitby”

A Letter to the Editor from IAN DIXON of Fishburn Park, Whitby, who is less than satisfied with the performance of his Councillors at Town and Borough level. ~~~~~ Mister Editor, It was interesting to read the letter about Freeview [...]

August 20, 2018 Letters

Mr GOODWILL’s Response on Council Tax

Mr GOODWILL’s Response on Council Tax On published an Open Letter to Scarborough & Whitby MP, Mr Robert GOODWILL, from Whitby resident Ian DIXON, under the self-explanatory title “Why Do We in Whitby Pay More Council Tax?”. Mr DIXON has [...]

February 11, 2018 Letters

“Why Do We in Whitby Pay More Council Tax?”

Whitby resident Ian DIXON has requested that the Enquirer publish his recent email to Scarborough & Whitby MP Robert GOODWILL on the subject of comparative Council Tax demands under different local authorities.  It is reproduced below as today’s Letter to [...]

January 30, 2018 Letters

“All for One and One for All”

A Letter to the Editor from Ian DIXON of Whitby, a keen follower of local government affairs, who writes to express his support for Councillor Rob BARNETT’s call for the abolition of Scarborough Borough Council and the establishment of a [...]

December 22, 2017 Letters