Sunday 19th May 2024,
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Sealife Centre Signage  – Waste of Resources

Sealife Centre Signage  – Waste of Resources



Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) yesterday wasted further resources by erecting signage at the Sealife Centre stating “No Overnight Camping/Caravans“.

Unfortunately, SBC failed to appreciate that they have no legal framework (an Off-Street Parking Order) in place to enforce that which the signs state.

Why has SBC yet again wasted taxpayers resources by failing to understand the most fundamental of legislation?

Whitby Abbey Aire

Ironically, SBC needs to get the Whitby Abbey Aire sorted to provide overnight parking for motorhomes. This will support businesses in Whitby over the winter months and should also be extended to Scarborough and Filey.

The Whitby Abbey Aire is supported by all key stakeholders in the Whitby Business community as well as the SBC Conservative Group and numerous Independent Councillors.

It is time for SBC to stop wasting resources on pointless signs and focus on supporting local business.

Further Information, see Andy’s website: Whitby Aire

Motorhomers Informed

I have informed the motorhome community of the meaningless nature of these signs.

Request To SBC

I have requested senior SBC Officers and Councillors to stop wasting taxpayers’ resources with meaningless signs and instead focus on supporting businesses by working on the Whitby Abbey Aire and extending this to Scarborough and Filey.

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