Thursday 20th June 2024,
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PF&C Commissioner Mulligan: Hypocrisy Personified

Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan: Hypocrisy Personified

A Letter to the Editor from Police & Crime correspondent TIM HICKS, commenting on the most recent in a long line of unacceptable acts and omissions on the part of Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire JULIA MULLIGAN.



I write concerning the latest controversy over misconduct by PFCC Mulligan.

This has been covered by Stuart Minting of the Yorkshire Post very well and I can do no better than reproduce his article below:

Download the PDF file YP_MULLIGAN.

As you are aware, the NYE has been critical of the performance of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire Mrs Julia Mulligan. So I am shocked that she is again the centre of yet another controversy over her bullying of her staff and her refusal to submit to oversight or normal standards of behaviour. This of course vindicates the NYE’s critical coverage of PFCC Mulligan’s disgraceful personal conduct and poor performance.

I find it bizarre, that on the one hand, PFCC Mulligan went on the “Radio 5 Live Investigates” programme criticising the present laws on revenge porn and holding herself out as a spokesperson for victims of harassment, when she has herself bullied members of her own staff and refused to amend her behaviour, on the other.

It appears to me that Mrs Mulligan has no understanding at all of how offensive her behaviour is to the public.

In my opinion, she has no credibility and if she was an honourable person, she would have resigned months ago. She has become an embarrassment and the conclusion is inescapable that she should go.

Yours faithfully,

Tim Hicks

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