Wednesday 17th July 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

NYCC Respond To Parking Adjudicator

In response to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal Adjudicator informing North Yorkshire local authorities that the “No permits or scratchcards” signage they are using in Whitby and Scarborough is illegal, NYCC have issued a statement.

County Hall will likely now want sight of all cases put before the Traffic Penalty Tribunal as the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Town Hall Parking Officers can’t seem to get the basics right.

SBC’s Parking Portfolio Holder, Cllr Tony Randerson, still claims the Whitby & Scarborough Controlled Parking Zones are legal and enforceable.

I graciously offered to test Cllr Randerson’s statement by acquiring a PCN whilst parked outside his home address in Zone 3C. At an agreed time we would meet outside his home with a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) in attendance to place a PCN on my windscreen. I will then contest that PCN and prove it is unenforceable.

We could even test the new Real Time CEO Tracking System so I can speedily acquire my PCN! They love wasting our money on pointless bureaucracy, don’t they?

Alas Cllr Randerson has not responded. Its been a bit of a week for elected Labour officials chickening out!

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