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Labour Cllr Futurist Vote Predetermination

A quick search of the Scarborough Borough Council’s planning portal turns up some interesting information.

Labour councillor, Vanda Inman, whose vote condemned the Futurist Theatre to demolition, actually objected to the demolition in 2014. The Labour Councillor immediately contradicted her objection by stating she would be happy to see the Futurist demolished, as long as St Nicholas Gardens were extended.

Comments were submitted at 5:44 PM on 06 Dec 2014 from Ms Vanda Inman.
Address: Futurist Buildings Foreshore Road Scarborough
Name: Ms Vanda Inman
Address: 13 Givendale Road Scarborough
Type: Objector Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application
Reasons for comment: Interested Third Party

If you insist on demolishing the Futurist – either on structural grounds or whatever, then please let the land it sits on be an extension of the St Nicholas Street Gardens with a band stand and be made a public green area with plenty of seating and shelters. I object to it being demolished for development or profit, that will have no benefit to local residents. Perhaps an open space for buskers and street entertainers would be more in keeping. Please do not over- develop our Town. I am very wary of the Council getting involved in yet another development it cannot control. So please, if you want to flatten it just give us something back. This is just an opinion and my second option for use of the land. Therefore my objection is based on the reason for the demolition.

A closer read of the Labour councillor’s website reveals she wanted to demolish The Futurist Theatre the month before the January 9th vote, before reading documentation essential to the decision making process.

Knock it down and grass it over…. extend the gardens.

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So, no predetermination there then!

The Labour Cllr recently deleted an article from her website which refers to Cllr Norman Murphy as a “whiner”. The Internet Never Forgets and the article has been saved for you on The Wayback Machine.

The Geological Report is part of the package that the developer is paying for but hey ho it is discussed here with Cllr Murphy. Whine whine…

The Labour Cllr had a few choice words about the Save The Futurist Campaign group.

SBC have no money. Only other peoples, bit like the StF’s really … except of course the StF’s want to install their own regime .. erm, I mean Trust.

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Cllr Inman doesn’t appear to think very highly of Scarborough, we residents or The Futurist.

this is an ordinary theatre in an ordinary place full of ordinary people

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One wonders why Cllr Inman wanted to be a Labour Cllr in an ordinary town full of ordinary people…

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