Thursday 18th July 2024,
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APPEAL: ‘The Inseparables’ MISSING from Town Hall

APPEAL: ‘The Inseparables’ MISSING from Town Hall

The North Yorks Enquirer, in its customary role of supporting ‘lost’ and ‘missing’ appeals for the North Yorkshire Police and other public bodies, is grateful to SBC Councillor Michelle DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF [Ind.] for drawing attention to the tragic circumstances set out below.


Hi all,

A lighthearted look at the current situation at Scarborough Town Hall and the much ridiculed claims of Openness and Transparency.

Concerns have been raised in the Scarborough area as to the whereabouts of Openness and Transparency. Residents in the Scarborough Borough area are asked to be on the lookout for Openness and Transparency. If anyone has recently seen these two, please let local Councillors know.

Openness and Transparency had been under attack from individuals believed to be linked to Scarborough Town Hall for several years. Many have given up on ever seeing them again.

In May, there were high hopes for Openness and Transparency when a male individual from the Ramshill area promised to bring them back to their rightful home at the heart of Scarborough Town Hall.

In July, there were concerns as to the treatment of Openness and Transparency when individuals at Scarborough Town Hall were caught borrowing £22m behind closed doors.

These fears were further heightened when red mist was observed coming out of the Leader’s office when the £22m borrowing was exposed on a local website.

Since then, Openness and Transparency have not been seen at Scarborough Town Hall. As one resident said, “We were promised Openness and Transparency. Where are they?”

Can you help? If you know the whereabouts of Openness and Transparency . . .

Call your Councillor today!


A Labour voter has informed the Enquirer of a possible sighting – in Tuscany.

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