Sunday 25th September 2022,
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SBC Miss the Boat (Hoist) – Yet Again

SBC Miss the Boat (Hoist) – Yet Again North Yorks Enquirer Harbours correspondent ALLAN ROBERTS examines the curious disappearance of plans for a Boat Hoist from the Town Deal application for grant funding for the ‘regeneration’ of Scarborough’s West Pier. [...]

September 1, 2022 Scarborough Borough Council

FAO: Cllr Janet Jefferson

An Open Letter to Scarborough Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Corporate Resources (including Harbours), Councillor Janet Jefferson [Ind.], from shell-fisherman BOB ROBERTS. ~~~~~ Dear Councillor Jefferson, As you are already aware,  come spring of 2022, the whole nature of from [...]

March 5, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

Digital Dithering

Digital Dithering A Letter to the Editor from BOB ROBERTS, enquiring about the fate of democracy when local authority functions are reduced to virtual ‘meetings’, behind closed shutters. ~~~~~ Sir, So the Scarborough News announces that SBC will hold virtual [...]

May 12, 2020 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

“Light at the End of the Tunnel”

A Letter to the Editor from BOB ROBERTS, Scarborough lobster fisherman, expressing the hope shared by many – that a change for the better may be imminent at Scarborough Borough Council – and the fear, shared by more, that we [...]

April 29, 2019 Letters

“Open Tender”

A Letter to the Editor from Scarborough resident Roger PICKSTOCK, who writes to affirm the view of Enquirer regular Bob ROBERTS – namely, that the site of the former Futurist Theatre should be offered for open tender. ~~~~~ To the [...]

March 25, 2019 Letters

“So You Want to be a Councillor?”

A Letter to the Editor by BOB ROBERTS, who is considering standing as an unaffiliated candidate in the forthcoming Scarborough Borough Council local elections (2nd May 2019). ~~~ Sir, Although undecided as to the next step in my decision process [...]

February 24, 2019 Letters

“Flamingo Land – Tender is the Right”

A Letter to the Editor from BOB ROBERTS – Scarborough businessman and, hitherto, a life-long Tory – who believes that now the Futurist Theatre is no more, it would be appropriate to re-offer the lease on the site to TENDER [...]

February 13, 2019 Letters

A Chance to Change

A Letter to the Editor from lifelong Scarborian Tory-voter BOB ROBERTS, who embraces the chance to change. ~~~~~ Sir, Reading the many comments on social media in its many guises, all with regard Scarborough – both the town and the Borough [...]

December 2, 2018 Letters

Another £11K down the OAT Plug-Hole

Another £11K down the OAT Plug-Hole an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, unearthing more expenditure omitted from SBC claims that only(!) £107K was spent on the OAT, an alleged ‘saving’ of £25K on the budgeted £132K. ~~~~~ Further [...]

October 24, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

“Let’s Not Bother”

Guest Author BOB ROBERTS sums up SBC’s lackadaisical attitude to Health & Safety. ~~~~~ The response by SBC with regard to the end of the “Swan Princess” boat-trips around Peasholm Lake raises some interesting points on just how this Council [...]

September 12, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council