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“Safe As Houses”

July 7, 2017 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from Rob BARNETT, SBC Labour Councillor for Streonshalh ward, highlighting the danger to life and property posed by the indiscriminate application of austerity.


Dear Editor,

“Every person deserves a decent, safe house”

I am sure your readers will share with me the grief of Grenfell Tower and the anger that is now emerging.

We are not immune from the potential for needless loss of life and grief in our Borough. We need to ask about the enforcement of building regulations and fire regulations in block of flats, for example, off Church Street in Whitby. Equally, similar issues arise for dwellings in rented accommodation, especially those in multiple occupancy.

I have seen evidence of neglect that could be potentially dangerous.

I have raised the issue on enforcement of statutory regulations.

I have asked for relevant prosecutions of those in breach to be issued.

I have drawn a blank, indeed, to the extent that I was informed by a senior officer and cabinet member that it was expensive and difficult to pursue landlords and housing associations for clear breaches of regulations.

This culture of austerity and cost cutting must change. It is NOT good enough. Please get together. Let us campaign and lobby for the safety and quality of the housing stock. Only together can we achieve the outcomes we desperately need.

Every person, old and young, deserves a decent, safe house

Rob Barnett

Rob BARNETT, Whitby. 7th July, 2017.

NB: Enquiries have been made of SBC Cabinet Portfolio Holder Councillor Mike COCKERILL [Ind.] regarding the integrity of the cladding on the Futurist Theatre.

Councillor COCKERILL has neither acknowledged nor responded to these enquiries.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Fwd: Cladding
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:00:21 +0100
From: NYE
To: Cllr.Mike.Cockerill@scarborough.gov.uk

Councillor Cockerill,

In the public interest, and in the interests of transparency and public wellbeing, would you please provide your response to Nigel’s email of 27th June 2017.



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Cladding
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 00:36:42 +0100
From: Nigel
To: Cllr.Mike.Cockerill

Councillor Mike COCKERILL



Could I ask you, please, to confirm the precise steps you have taken to establish whether or not the cladding on The Futurist Theatre complies with the Building Regs in terms of its fire-retardant composition? Thank you.

It may be your view that a fire would solve many a problem. That would be to disregard the risk of ‘collateral damage’.



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