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Poulson: Immunity Conspiracy?

July 9, 2015 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from David CLARK, of Middlesbrough, posing the next in a series of questions to which members of the public are invited to provide answers. David’s earlier contributions can be viewed here, here and here.


Dear Mr Editor,

Reference the following National Archives Catalogue Nos.:

  • J82/2956 – POULSON J.G.L. and others: Conspiracy to corrupt, indecent assault and rape


  • TS58/1134 – Transcripts of the final days of the criminal trial Regina v. POULSON & POTTINGER

the following question:

  • “Did the authorities and one other conspire together in order to gain exemption from legal sanction for two people in relation to the Catalogue Nos., as listed?”

Thank you.

Kind regards,

David W. Clark

David CLARK, Middlesbrough. 10th July, 2015.


[Answers c/o– please enter ‘POULSON ANSWERS’ in the Subject-line]

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