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POULSON: The Done Deal

August 10, 2015 Letters

Yet another Letter to the Editor from David CLARK, of Middlesbrough, posing the next in his series of penetrating questions to which members of the public are invited to provide answers, if they can.

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Dear Mr Editor,

Reference –

  • J82/2956 – POULSON J.G.L. and others: Conspiracy to corrupt, indecent assault and rape


  • TS58/1134 – Transcripts of the final days of the criminal trial Regina v. POULSON & POTTINGER

As stated in earlier writings, these two Catalogues are linked and were the subject of a deal done to protect two people from any form of criminal sanction.

The conspiracy has been on-going in the Scarborough, Whitby & North Yorkshire area since the early 1980s.

North Yorkshire County Council, the North Yorkshire Police Authority, Scarborough Borough Council and Whitby Town Council have all become involved during the time since.

North Yorkshire County Council still have some involvement.

All the public authorities mentioned are aware of the situation as it stands.

  • “What are they going to do?”

The position as stated has effected public life in North Yorkshire for 31 years.

Thanking you.

Kind regards,

D.W. Clark.

David CLARK, Middlesbrough. 10th August, 2015.

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