Tuesday 27th February 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

WANTED: Braindead or Alive

A warrant for the arrest of Labour Scarborough Borough Councillor Theresa Norton was issued by the High Court.

Norton, elected as a Labour Party councillor in Eastfield, was in the High Court this morning for a committal hearing relating to her penchant for glueing herself to roads and pissing off motorists. Climate loon Norton failed to turn up for the afternoon session after she glued herself to the steps outside the High Court.

This leaves Scarborough’s socialist supremo Siddons in a sticky situation. Siddons must now shiv Norton, exorcising the unapologetic climate loon from the Labour Group and cutting his majority to anorexic or it will show he is allied with soon-to-be criminals as well as the criminally stupid that make up the Labour Party.

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