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Vexatious Potto

Vexatious Potto – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, investigating the wild tactics of self-denial and point-blank refusal to acknowledge the difficult truths that continue to blight the hopelessly deficient and unlawful Potto Parish Council, arguably the worst [...]

November 5, 2023 Potto

SBC ‘Data Protection’ Officer

SBC ‘Data Protection’ Officer an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, looking ahead to a diligent data breach investigation . . . in the light of past failures. ~~~~~ My thanks go out to the inimitable RANDO – Scarborough [...]

February 15, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

“Due Process? What Process?”

“Due Process? What Process?” an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, exposing the routine departures from constitutional requirements at our deeply discredited local authority. ~~~~~ On Thursday 15th August 2019, the Scarborough News published an article about Scarborough Borough [...]

September 6, 2019 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC CEO Job Applicants ‘Potential’ Data Leak

SBC CEO Job Applicants ‘Potential’ Data Leak an Open Letter from NIGEL WARD to Councillor Steve SIDDONS [Lab.], Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, seeking some of his much-vaunted “openness and transparency”. ~~~~~ Cllr. Steve SIDDONS – Leader – Scarborough Borough [...]

June 30, 2019 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

The ICO Quartet

The ICO Quartet an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, clarifying and expanding upon last weeks’ article regarding ICO data protection registration (or not, as the case seems to be). ~~~~~ In my article of Friday 8th February 2019, [...]

February 12, 2019 District, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, Ryedale District Council, Scarborough Borough Council

SBC: Fiddling with the ICO

 SBC: Fiddling with the ICO – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, highlighting yet another potentially criminal cock-up by our least-favourite public body. ~~~~~ One may learn a great deal about Scarborough Borough Council simply by examining the [...]

February 8, 2019 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC: Spotlight on the Directorate

SBC: Spotlight on the Directorate an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, commenting on Councillor Rob BARNETT’s recent Letter to the Editor “Telling It Like It Is” ( 10/04/18), in which he highlighted the lack of transparency inherent in [...]

April 13, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC ‘Deems’ ALL Enquirer Contributors ‘HARASSERS’

Continuing the thread of correspondence between North Yorks Enquirer crime reporter Tim HICKS and the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council Councillor Derek BASTIMAN over the refusal of SBC to respond to FOI requests from contributors to the NYE, it now [...]

March 29, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

ERYC: ICO Orders ARVARTO Contract Disclosure

ERYC: Finally! PARNABY’s Undisclosed Interest in ARVARTO an “In My View” article by Nigel WARD, sharing with readers new information published by Mr Peter ROBINSON, regarding his ongoing campaign against ERYC Leader Councillor Stephen PARNABY [Con.]. ~~~~~ Readers who have [...]

March 6, 2018 East Riding of Yorkshire Council

SBC Policy re NYE Contributors Arbitrarily Designated “VEXATIOUS”

SBC Policy re NYE Contributors Arbitrarily Designated “VEXATIOUS” by TIM HICKS. Background Regular readers of the North Yorks Enquirer (NYE) will be aware of the furore surrounding the recent revelations that Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Officers have used the Council’s [...]

February 10, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council