Saturday 22nd June 2024,
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NY Police Precept Doesn’t Add Up!

NY Police Precept Doesn’t Add Up!

The North Yorks Enquirer is grateful for the following information provided by a regular reader.

Clearly, simple arithmetic is not the forté of Zoë METCALFE [Con.], Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

This is the lady who aspires to being the Conservative elected Mayor of the forthcoming Combined Authority comprising North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council. Preserve us!


Dear Team,

Yesterday I received my Council Tax Bill which included a leaflet from the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner explaining the Police and Fire Service Precept for 2023/2024. The information in the Precept table is both incorrect and misleading.

Within the table it states that the precept for a Band D property will go up from £249.83 to £295.09 which equates to an increase of £14.03 or 27p a day.

In reality, £249.83 to £295.09 equates to an increase of £45.26 – or 12.4p a day – or at least it did when I went to school.

Publishing misleading information to every household in North Yorkshire is somewhat embarrassing. I’d hate to be the person who proof read / signed off this important document for publication.



Close-Up of Band D


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