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NYE Goes International

November 19, 2023 Police

NYE Goes International




Following on from our earlier article Ripper: NYE’s “Hope” goes national, we are pleased to report that for the first time in its history, the NYE is going international.

Regional Coverage

Publication of the “Inside the Mind of The Yorkshire Ripper: The Final Investigation” was initially covered by the Daily Mirror nationally and online here. It covers Sutcliffe’s crimes including his attacks in North Yorkshire.

Tim can be heard narrating part of the book covering what we believe was Sutcliffe’s first murder in 1964 by clicking on the link here.

Such is the interest in Sutcliffe generated by the book that the initial coverage has now been covered regionally:

Scottish Daily Record

Bristol Post (This article initially focuses on the murdered Bristol sex worker Wendy Jenkins)

Birmingham Mail

Leeds Live

We are pleased that three of these articles cover the murder of “Hope” (sometimes known as “The Nude in the Nettles”), whose body was found near Scarborough in 1981. We can only hope that the new publicity will act as a spur to bring new witnesses forward, so we can help North Yorkshire Police progress the investigation.

More National Coverage

The Mirror has now published another article online. It is another excellent article by Sanjeeta Bains which focusses on the failings of the West Yorkshire Police investigation “The vital clue that could have stopped the Yorkshire Ripper.

It reveals that Sutcliffe could have been arrested in 1969, long before he committed the thirteen murders  between 1975 and his arrest in 1981 for which he was convicted.

International Coverage

Since Sutcliffe’s arrest, there has been media comment about Sutcliffe’s possible involvement in two murders in Sweden. The leading investigative journalist David Yallop, who is now sadly deceased, also asserted that Sutcliffe was responsible for the murder of a British woman in France in his 1981 book “Deliver us from Evil”.

There is an enormous amount of interest in the Yorkshire Ripper investigation in Europe, because of his notoriety, but also the possibility that Sutcliffe attacked women in Europe.

In “Inside the Mind of The Yorkshire Ripper: The Final Investigation” we cover the possibility that Sutcliffe committed attacks in Europe. This is the first systematic assessment of this aspect of his offending that has ever been published and contains new evidence to support this part of the investigation.

As a consequence of this, we are to be interviewed by Giles Brown of Talk Radio Europe on Thursday 23rd November at 10.30am UK time.



First Reviews

The first reviews of the book have also started coming in.

This one is from a former police civilian worker:

“I must firstly say, that I won’t be using the moniker of ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’, this is just my own feeling that it brought terror to so many, and still does, so I will refer to him by his name.

I can clearly remember the latter years of Peter Sutcliffe’s crimes and his capture in early 1981. I was 14 and already had a huge interest in true crime, and badly wanted to be a Police Officer. From then on, I’ve always had an interest in this era of our history.

So onto the book! Wow, what an absolutely in-depth, eye-opening and honest account of Peter Sutcliffe and his killings. This book starts from way back when PS was young and takes us through all the attacks and murders that are pretty clearly attributed to him. I’ve read a lot of books and articles on PS and this is the first one that actually does highlight how intelligent, forensically aware and calculating a killer he really was – not as he later portrayed, an insane man who heard voices! You will learn in-depth about his modus operandi, how he was able to travel all over the UK and Europe committing attacks, and murders on men, women and children and because he was so forensically aware and clever he pretty much ran rings around the inept West Yorkshire Police of the time!

This book is the most eye-opening and honest account of the Sutcliffe reign, and how this still impacts our Police Forces today.

As a police civvy from 1990 – 2002, it was also interesting to learn how the use of computers and HOLMES was still in its infancy when I joined Surrey Police, something I’ve not really thought of before. And the fact that even in the early 1990s Surrey Police were still using index cards in the Intelligence Offices!

So my rating is a massive 5 stars, if you like True Crime, then this book is a must-read. If you want to learn what Peter Sutcliffe was really like, you must read this book. After the recent TV show (The Long Shadow) why not read what it was really like for the victims, and how, even now this vile man still has an impact on them, their families and friends and even the Police Officers who dealt with the Investigation.

And finally, I want to thank both authors for trying to publish the truth and trying to give some form of closure to all Sutcliffe victims. Bravo.”

This is an Amazon review

“Following on from ‘The Secret Murders’ this well written book gives an in depth view into the mind of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe who escaped detection for multiple murders and attempted murders across the UK and abroad.

The almost unbelievable incompetence of the police at the highest level, the bigotry and parochial jealousy that allowed Sutcliffe to go on his murderous spree for 15 years.

So sad for the relatives of the victims of Sutcliffe from all over the country who have never had closure for the ‘unsolved’ murders which were almost certainly down to his hand.

The most worrying thing is that though there might be some improvements in the liaison between forces, technology has improved but there are still an awful lot of lessons that have not been learnt.

The fact that three men have wrongly served long jail sentences after being coerced into making a confession emphasises just how badly things can go wrong. Openness and truth needs to be followed at the highest level.

By the time the Byford enquiry is available to the public [It is sealed until 2045] and all the skeletons in the cupboard exposed it will be too late for the relatives of the ‘unsolved’ murders and much of this sad episode will have been forgotten.”

NYE Appeal for information

If you knew Peter Sutcliffe, or worked with him at the Common Road Tyre Company at Oakenshaw, or Clarks Transport at Bradford, please contact us using the email address All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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