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“Crawling In The Gutter With WTC” – CodHead 028

December 14, 2011 Cartoons

“Crawling In The Gutter With WTC”

Following the offensive letter sent to Whitby Town Councillors by co-opted (unelected) Whitby Harbour Board Member, the row has escalated with a further offensive letter from another co-opted member – Tony Hornigold. Until recently, Mr Hornogold was a director of the Whitby & District Fishing School (along with another SBC luminary – Councillor Jane ‘Many Fingers, Many Pies’ Kenyon) – the business managed by his wife.

CodHead takes his inspiration from a verbatim quote from Tony Hornigold’s letter (on SBC notepaper).

SBC’s head of legal Services Ian Anderson has sent the following perfunctory apology:

“I apologise on behalf of the Borough Council for any misunderstanding that may have developed in relation to the arrangements for attendance at the WHUCG (Whitby Harbour-users’ Consultative Group).”

Ah. Bless.


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