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“The Cover-Up”

November 20, 2021 Photoons

“The Cover-Up”

The thousands of Enquirer readers who enjoyed a good chuckle at our two-hundred-and-thirty-fourth Photoon – “The Small Print” – will be delighted to see that it has had the desired effect. Our good-natured ‘heads-up’ to our humble servants has led to a ‘cover-up’ – quite literally.

A correction has been affixed to the banners in such a way as to obliterate the initial error (“FEAUTURING” – see below). Note how the stick-on overlaps the edge of the skate blade. Tidy job, that.

It is always a pleasure to help others when we can.

It is also a pleasure to receive a gracious word of thanks.

Should that ever happen, the Enquirer will be sure give it full credit.

[MEDICAL ADVICE: Breathe not to be held]

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