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“Local Council Malpractice”

February 21, 2023 Letters, Potto
A Letter to the Editor, in complimentary terms, from a reader in the North East who, having read Nigel Ward’s on-going systematic ‘vivisection’ of Potto Parish Council, is seeking assistance in exposing malpractice and ‘cover-ups’ at her own local authority.
In the face of intimidation and data breaches, this lady has requested that her full name and address be withheld from publication.
Dear Editor
I have been reading the articles on your website with great interest for quite a while.
I never cease to be amazed by the level of malpractice in our local councils with no accountability (unbelievably, even outwith the remit of the Local Government Ombudsman).
In particular, I have been reading some extremely well researched articles about Potto Parish Council. The level of problems there seems to be off the scale –  unless reading their website, which seems to purport everything is in order.
However, your NYE website seems to have exposed the gory truth and the conclusions in your articles are logical and supported with lots of evidence.
I am very interested in these articles because the Town Council in my area is just as bad, but the problems remain carefully ‘covered up’.
I wonder if it would be possible for one of your investigation team to look into my Town Council – I have lots of documented evidence.
I’ve included my name as you ask, but due to intimidation and senior staff breach of the Data Protection Act with my personal data, can I ask that it not be published?
Thanks again for running an excellent website – it’s a pity it doesn’t cover all of the UK!
Best wishes,
(Name and address supplied)

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