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Scarborough Labour Activist: “Everyone Is A Racist!”

September 20, 2018 Misc

A Scarborough-based Labour Party, Momentum, Socialist Worker’s Party, Open Borders, Stand Up To Racism, Frack Free Scarborough, Unite Against Fascism, Stand Up To UKIP, Scarborough Against Austerity and anti-Trump activist who claims British Police are murdering non-white people has been interviewed on Sky News.

Kim Hunter attended a so-called anti-fascist counter-protest against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) Sunderland protest on Saturday. Hunter urged people to turn up and oppose Tommy Robinson who wasn’t even scheduled to attend the rally. Utterly bizarre!

The last counter protest Hunter organised in Scarborough was against the far-right English Defence League in 2015 and it ended up with three Unite Against Fascism activists being arrested for public order offences.

The DFLA were protesting in Sunderland against the inaction of UK authorities with regard to the number of majority Muslim rape gangs who target children and roam the streets of the UK unimpeded by the authorities.

Hunter, a member of the Socialist Worker’s Party who have previously covered up a number of rapes, was so incensed by people protesting against rape gangs she traveled all the way to Sunderland to protest against them.

The inaction of UK authorities will have a familiar ring to people in Scarborough as former Tory mayor Peter Jaconelli ran a paedophile ring with good friend Jimmy Savile for decades whilst the North Yorkshire Police, Scarborough Borough Council, the Scarborough & Whitby Conservative Association and the Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party all looked on, did nothing and said nothing. They even gave the pair Civic Awards!

Hunter, who is reputed to be a paid anti-fracking activist, recently shut down an event at the Scarborough Spa which was hosting high profile YouTubers and UKIP activists Sargon of Akkad aka Carl Benjamin and Count Dankula aka Mark Meechan after claiming a discussion on British Identity was racist.

Hunter has also claimed the Police are racist, the Tories are racists, Tommy Robinson is a racist, UKIP are racists, Israel is a racist state and US President Donald Trump is a racist. Anyone beginning spot a pattern here?

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