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June 22, 2024 Misc

After delving into the Conservative 2024 General Election candidate, Roberto Weeden-Sanz’s claim he comes from a Yorkshire farming family, it is time to look at the claims of the Labour Party candidate, Alison Hume.

On her Scarborough & Whitby Parliamentary election leaflet Alison Hume claims to be “local”.

I am proud to call Whitby my home.

A quick look at a Labour website shows she was a resident of York for over 20 years.

Now all he has to do is defeat the Labour candidate, Alison Hume. She has lived in York for over 20 years – 41 miles from the constituency

The LabourHub website links to Alison’s profile on the York Labour’s website. Helpfully, York Labour have removed Alison’s profile from their website which shows she lives in York, but the Internet never forgets.

I feel fortunate to have been able to raise and educate my own three children in York

The Yorkshire Post also has an article which shows Alison lives in York,

Alison Hume, an award-winning screenwriter and Labour activist from York

Why do these modern political candidates compulsively lie about where they are from? Everyone knows the minute the election is over they’ll pack their bags and go back home. Why can’t they be honest with the electorate and just tell people they are not local and their local party didn’t have anyone good enough to stand for MP?

The rest of the Yorkshire Post article shows Hume coercing North Yorkshire Emergency Workers into taking the experimental Covid19 gene therapy treatment. I wonder what words Hume has for any Emergency Workers injured or left disabled by her promotion of the experimental jab or for the relatives of those killed by the toxic jab in Scarborough & Whitby? I’m betting Hume will rapidly attempt to change the subject and claim the jab was “safe and effective”. This question could have been posed in public, but Hume, along with Pinnochio Weeden-Sanz, pulled out of all elections hustings giving the public no opportunity to quiz her.

If only Alison has said she was proud to call Whitby her parent’s home the Enquirer would have nothing to say on the subject.

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