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Poulson: Who Was On The Payroll?

May 17, 2015 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from justice campaigner David CLARK, of Middlesbrough, who writes to pose the first of a series of cryptic questions.


Dear Sir,

Since the Scarborough Borough Council elections of 7th May 2015, and prior to that, I have been troubled by several unsanswered questions in regard to the local (and other) Councils and Public Bodies of North Yorkshire:

“Have there been any elected Councillors of Scarborough Borough Council or North Yorkshire County Council, or any Public Body within these Councils’ areas, who, in previous years, has worked for the company J.G.L Poulson Ltd?”

This is just one example.

If only people knew what is going on in their name.

Answers, please!!!

Kind regards,

David W. CLARK

David W. CLARK, Middlesbrough. 18th May, 2015.



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