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Poulson: Our Friend In The North

July 26, 2015 Letters

Another Letter to the Editor from David CLARK, of Middlesbrough, posing the next in a series of questions to which members of the public are invited to provide answers. (With thanks to JMR). David’s earlier contributions can be viewed here, here, here and here. Readers may also wish to refer to this related link.


Dear Mr Editor,

Reference –

  1. North Yorkshire County Council
  2. North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel
  3. Scarborough Borough Council

Reference –

  • J82/2956 – POULSON J.G.L. and others: Conspiracy to corrupt, indecent assault and rape


  • TS58/1134 – Transcripts of the final days of the criminal trial Regina v. POULSON & POTTINGER

Two persons avoided the threat of criminal sanction relating to the National Archive catalogued above as a result of a conspiracy between the authorities and one other person.

Question –

  • “Who benefited from this?”

The British political establishment. And one other – Sir Bernard Kenyon, Clerk to the West Riding County Council. (Martin Maudling, the son of a Home Secretary part of the establishment).

Question –

  • “Who have been the losers?”

The people of Scarborough, Whitby and the County of North Yorkshire.

From 1974 to the present day, the effects are still being felt.

The authorities listed at the outset of this letter, including the North Yorkshire Police Authority (now defunct), have had a member of staff of J.G.L. Poulson among their number for the past 31 years.

May I ask four additional questions?

  • “Was the complainant in J82/2956 one and the same person as ‘Miss X’ in TS/1134?”
  • “Was a former chairman of the North Yorkshire Police Authority (now defunct) at one time, circa 1967, an employee of J.G.L Poulson Ltd?”
  • “Who is the woman [see photo below] with the bag underarm?”


… and the ‘wide boys’ appear to be all on the front row…

and finally,

  • “Over the past 31 years, has public service in North Yorkshire been compromised by the participation of an employee of J.G.L Poulson?”

Thank you.

Kind regards,

David W. Clark

David CLARK, Middlesbrough. 26th July, 2015.

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