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The North Yorkshire Police Annual Awards Ceremony

July 27, 2015 Misc

The NYE staff photographer has managed to sneak into Newby Wiske Hall and snap this photograph of the NYP Annual Awards Ceremony for the Peter Jaconelli Prize for the Best Failed Police Cover-ups in the Force.


[Former Yorkshire Chief Constables Grahame Maxwell, Meredydd Hughes, Tim Hollis and Sir Norman Bettison]

The North Yorkshire Police Annual Award Ceremony

The Peter Jaconelli Prize for the Best Failed Police Cover-ups in the Force 
  • 1st Prize: Assitant Chief Constable Sue Cross – for her investigation of Jaconelli which ignored the witnesses and denied the existence of the Jaconelli paedophile-ring that NYP and everyone else in Scarborough had known about for years.
  • 2nd Prize: Operation Hibiscus – for failing to reveal Jaconelli’s child-abuse at Throxenby Hell Hall, two and a half years after the NYE team raised concerns.
  • 3rd Prize:Chief Superintendent Tom Fox – for failing to arrest Conservative Councillor, Mayor, child-abuser and rapist Peter Jaconelli for thirty years, even though every parent and schoolboy in Scarborough knew.
  • Joint 4th Prize:The NYP Communications Unit – for the statement that Jimmy Savile had no connections to Scarborough – and Chief Constable Maxwell – for receiving £50,000 of illegal payments which the IPCC missed, but the NYE didn’t.

Congratulations from the North Yorks Enquirer  – proud to have assisted North Yorkshire Police, throughout the past year, to identify Police misconduct, to correct their investigations and to refer themselves to the IPCC.


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