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North Yorks Enquirer Vindicated Again: Jaconelli and the Westminster Vice Ring

November 26, 2014 North Yorkshire Police

North Yorks Enquirer Vindicated Again:  Jaconelli and the Westminster Vice Ring

  •  – Crime & Parliamentary Affairs correspondent TIM HICKS joins the dots on the latest news stories covering the national establishment paedophilism scandal.


Following on from our recent articles on:

  1. The involvement of MI5 and Special Branch in protecting prominent paedophiles
  1. The way that high level paedophiles like Lord Boothby were protected during the 1960’s and 70’s by gangsters and prominent politicians.
  1.  Operation Midland an investigation by the Metropolitan Police into allegations that children were murdered by a high-level paedophile ring.
  1. In a previous article, we also raised the possibility that Scotland Yard Detectives had protected Savile

. . . . .

The Mirror has now run an article alleging that two retired Scotland Yard Detectives – one of whom served in Special Branch – have come forward and confirmed that there was a high level paedophile ring operating in Westminster called “The Untouchables” that was protected by the Police.  This ring is now being investigated in connection with up to three murders of children.

According to the article, they have also confirmed that Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile were both members of the Westminster Ring.  Savile was a friend of Smith’s and also a member of the Peter Jaconelli ring that operated in Scarborough with the full knowledge and protection of North Yorkshire Police.

This therefore links the Jaconelli ring to the Westminster ring.

A dossier that was passed to the Home Office by Yorkshire MP the late Geoffrey Dickens in 1983, containing the names of high-level paedophiles, has been lost by the Home Office.  Jaconelli was Mayor of Scarborough, leader of Scarborough Borough Council, a leading Yorkshire Conservative and North Yorkshire County Councillor.  Mr Dickens was closely associated with North Yorkshire and would have known of Peter Jaconelli through his knowledge of the Conservative Party regional grouping, the Yorkshire and Humberside Conservative Association.

So common was knowledge of Jaconelli’s  offending that it is inconceivable that he would not have known of the allegations about Jaconelli and his associates.

For some time the North Yorkshire Enquirer has been alleging that Peter Jaconelli was probably one of the prominent persons mentioned in the dossier that Mr Dickens passed to the Home Office.  It is also possible that the dossier had information on Jimmy Savile, who was equally well-known for offending openly in Whitby, in joint enterprise with Jaconelli.


North Yorkshire Police was responsible for the six most important failures to arrest Jimmy Savile. These were:

  1. The failure by Police Officers that served in Scarborough and Whitby to arrest Jaconelli – although his offending was common knowledge in Scarborough going back to the 1950’s- which would surely have led the Police to Savile.
  1. The failure to arrest Savile as a result of allegations, made by witnesses to the NYE, that Scarborough Police had received about Savile going back to the 1970’s.
  1. The failure to properly investigate information it now admits it received from a 15-year-old girl in 2002 regarding Savile.
  1. The failure of North Yorkshire Police to investigate allegations about Jaconelli it received in December 2008 and January 2009.
  1. The failure by the Force Intelligence Bureau to pass on the intelligence held on Savile to Surrey Police in 2007, instead giving him a clean bill of health, which ensured the failure of the Surrey investigation.
  1. The failure by the Force Intelligence Bureau to pass on intelligence to the Metropolitan Police Operation Yewtree in 2012, on Savile and Jaconelli.

However, it now emerges that had North Yorkshire Police arrested Jaconelli or Savile, it would have led them straight to the Westminster paedophile ring.   

  • Could this be why North Yorkshire Police left Savile and Jaconelli alone? 
  • Could this be why the dossier disappeared from within the Home Office?
  • Could this be why NYE journalists had threats from North Yorkshire Police and Scarborough Borough Council as soon as we started investigating Savile and Jaconelli?

Home Secretary Theresa May recently stated that the allegations of sexual abuse were only “the tip of the iceberg”.  This is also the view of the North Yorks Enquirer.  There is a lot more to come out about Jaconelli and his ring yet.  He was, I suspect, a much higher-level player than we have so far discovered.

It will not, however, emerge from any investigation by North Yorkshire Police, which will not investigate itself impartially.  There needs to be a full and independent judicial enquiry.

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