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Whitby War Memorial Hospital

November 27, 2014 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from Neil KIPLING – Whitby born and proud of it! – now of Scarborough, who writes to share information with readers in Whitby and the Esk Valley.


Dear Editor,

After many days of research myself and many others have arrived at the same conclusion.

1) Whitby War Memorial Hospital was built & purchased by local donations/public subscribers/wealthy beneficiaries for the sole purpose of healthcare for Whitby!

2) The land was gifted to the said people by the Fishburn family,  of shipbuilding fame, with that same sole purpose being a caveat of that gift!

Any plans to develop the land is illegal under the Museum Act & the “public consultation” is a smokescreen to deflect people away from the debtridden state of York NHS Trust.

The land belongs to the descendants of generations of Whitby people and the Town Council should be forced to conduct a public referendum on this issue before it goes one single step further!

Provision exists within the town precept for the said referendum and the townspeople must be granted this



Yours Etc.

Neil Kipling

Neil KIPLING, Scarborough. 27th November, 2014.

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