Monday 20th May 2024,
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ERYC: CEO Nigel PEARSON Demands PEACOCK’s Resignation – In Vain!

ERYC: CEO Nigel PEARSON Demands PEACOCK’s Resignation – In Vain!

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, reporting on the penultimate chapter in the deplorable saga of Cllr. Dominic PEACOCK [Con.], desecrator of the memory of Jo COX MP [Lab.].


I hope that readers will join me in applauding today’s letter from Nigel PEARSON, the Chief Executive of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, to the disgraced Councillor Dominic PEACOCK [Con.] who “donated the steam off his p*ss” to the Memorial Fund, established following the brutal murder of Labour MP, Jo COX.

Here is CEO Nigel PEARSON’s letter:

Download the PDF file PEARSON_LETTER.

Unforgiveably, three ERYC Councillors are known to have withheld their support from the motion to sanction Dominic PEACOCK. Names to note come election day:

  • Councillor Kay WEST [Con.] (Pocklington Provincial Ward)
  • Councillor David RUDD [Con.] (Wolds Weighton Ward)
  • Councillor Claud MOLE [Con.] (Pocklington Provincial Ward)

Councillor Dominic PEACOCK has lost no time in delivering his hand-written response:

Download the PDF file PEACOCK_LETTER.

Of course, the court of public opinion has already returned its verdict on Dominic PEACOCK, but the final chapter will draw to a close only when PEACOCK leaves the Council forever. Speed the day!



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