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The Three Wise Monkeys

July 14, 2014 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from John WILLIS, of South Yorkshire, offering an opinion on the North Yorks Enquirer investigations and its wider ramifications.


Dear Mr Editor,

  • Savile/Jaconelli – Scarborough Borough Council – North Yorkshire Police.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

I have read most if not all the various postings about the ongoing situation surrounding the above mentioned subjects and it’s difficult to describe one’s thoughts in anything other than terms like “debacle”, “surreal” and “conspiracy”. You may draw your own conclusions about whom the 3 prime monkeys may be.

Unfortunately it is difficult to assess precisely what is going on because all the information is coming from the investigative protagonists side with little on public record from the official or “defence” side of things. Consequently one’s comments can only be made based upon evidence, opinion and reportage from those apparently publicly interested and motivated people that are seeking to expose wrong-doing, cover-ups and self interested silence.

The lack of any cogent response to the many questions asked of certain individuals, NYP and Scarborough Borough Council by Real Whitby can only be interpreted as avoidance of truth and consequence. They would be in a much better position in the hearts and minds of their own local population if they made full and frank disclosures on all relevant topics. They mustn’t go to bed thinking that local people are either disinterested, lacking in political sophistication or too accepting of council corruption to care anymore.

Underestimating the people by the government, local or national always leads to revolution at some level and at some inevitable though often indeterminate future date.

Though I will not comment on the background to what may have been an enforced and unavoidable decision it would seem somewhat fair to acknowledge that Chief Constable Dave Jones acted correctly in feeling his own collar and referring NYP to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

This issue might seem to be local to the Yorkshire coast but it is becoming clear that it is all part of an awakening and a reckoning about child pornography and paedophile rings in high places throughout the country AND involving some very senior and prominent people from both the media, local and national government.

The local efforts to silence the inquisitors and protect the guilty seems to me to be a micro model of what is happening nationally. It’s very difficult to escape the conclusion that elements within the “establishment” will do all possible to ensure that no stone will be left unturned in their efforts to make sure that not all the stones get looked under. It may also be worth considering the possibility that some more high profile media celebrities will be found guilty as a means of distracting attention from others of a more serious status.

In the same way that Savile and Jaconelli hid their illegal and notorious activities in plain sight there will be others amongst us that are doing the same at this very moment.

Real Whitby may well be getting up establishment noses and I’m sure that their allegations and comments may not be 100% accurate and moderately balanced 100% of the time. However, without their willingness to put their reputations and efforts on the line for the public good we may well be visiting current problems on future generations to solve and expose.

In summary, the Real Whitby campaign ought to be supported, the questions should continue to be asked until fully answered.  The effort that appears to be expended in not answering the relevant queries will, I’m sure be directly proportionate to the scale of the secrets held and the eventual truths that emerge.

Real Whitby should definitely continue because I feel sure their curiosity will add jigsaw pieces to a national scandal that is only just starting to emerge. It’s contributions to important future national disclosures should not be underestimated. Watch your local space but don’t lose plain sight of the bigger picture.

“Over the door of their sacred temple

They sit in their wisdom the three –

The little deaf Monkey,

The little dumb Monkey.

And the Monkey who will not see.

With their eyes shut tight to evil,

Ears that hear only the right.

Lips that are dumb to scandal,

They sit in their silent might.”

Regards, etc



John WILLIS, South Yorks. 14th July, 2014.

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