Tuesday 23rd July 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

An email to councillors at Scarborough Borough Council shows North Yorkshire Police are bidding for funds from North Yorkshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, to put Covid19 Marshals on the streets of North Yorkshire to enforce Coronavirus regulations such as the wearing of masks and the pointless 10PM pub curfew.

From: Mike Greene <Mike.Greene@scarborough.gov.uk>
To: Councillors Email Group <CouncillorsDG@scarborough.gov.uk>
Subject: Covid update

Dear councillor

Here is another update on our current response to the spike in cases of the coronavirus in our borough.  I will send these updates on a weekly basis all the time that we remain in ‘response mode’.

I am pleased to report that the situation in the borough since my last update has improved slightly.

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is no longer rising at the rate it had been.

While this is encouraging, we cannot relax.  We need to continue to take the steps we have so far to do everything we can to reduce the number of infections.

We are not there yet, and there remains a risk that infection rates could spike again, especially if our residents don’t continue to follow the national regulations to the letter.

In the seven days to 28 September, there were 34 new cases of Covid-19 in the borough.

It means the rolling seven number of cases per 100,000 population has reached 31.3.  That’s an increase compared to my last update, but is to be expected given our relatively low population figure.  It means a small number of new cases has greater impact on the per-100,000 figure.

Our borough is no longer the biggest concern for public health officials at county level.  The Craven district is the area with issues that need addressing the most.
I thought you might be interested in a breakdown of cases in our borough (as of 28 September):

Newby and Scalby                                                   5
Burniston, Sleights and Fylingdales                        5
Barrowcliff and Northstead                                    4
Scarborough Central                                               5
Scarborough Town and North Bay                         4
Wheatcroft and Cayton                                           3
Filey and Hunmanby                                                6
Source: Public Health England

I will share updated figures with you in each briefing.

The situation here is positive, but we must remain vigilant.  Please continue to push the government’s ‘hands, face and space’ message and reinforce the rule of six via your own channels.

There remains merit in Dr Lincoln Sergeant’s advice about people wearing face coverings when they leave the house and certainly in areas which are busy.

I have asked staff to follow Dr Sergeant’ request and set an appropriate example to others.

I am aware of some tensions in Filey, caused in the main, it seems, by people from outside the town travelling to the coast from areas affected by local lockdowns.  We are working our partners and the community to provide reassurance within the powers available to us.

There are a few other things I wanted to update you about:

Walk in Covid-19 test station in Scarborough: we understand this will be established in the William Street car park (where the existing drive-through test centre is located).  The walk-in facility will still need to be pre-booked but will be open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.  We understand that the government will provide this facility through to March next year.

Our high street ambassador programme: we have agreed that ambassadors will still be provided at weekends and during half-term this month.  We will review the programme when the schools go back.

Covid-19 marshals: we understand that the police are going to bid for funds being made available by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to pay for local Covid-19 marshals in our borough.  When I have more details, I will provide an update.

Events: we are working with public health colleagues at county level to make a judgement as to whether various events can go ahead or not.  Clearly, the strengthened national regulations make gatherings of more than six illegal, so most event organisers have no choice but to cancel or postpone them.  Ultimately, Lincoln Sergeant, overall is the person to determine the public health implications, but we are trying to find a way forward which would allow things like remembrance ceremonies next month to go ahead on a very small-scale with appropriate social distancing rules in place.

If you have any questions about this update, feel free to get in touch.


Mike Greene
Chief Executive, Scarborough Borough Council

The drive to enforce the fake pandemic regulations of Boris Johnson’s conservative in name only government come from questionable Covid19 test figures where 90% of positive tests are reputed to be false positives.

The irony of North Yorkshire Police wanting to enforce Coronavirus regulations they themselves have previously transgressed with impunity will not be lost on the fair-minded North Yorkshire taxpayer.

Having personally asked the North Yorkshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner to do her job and question North Yorkshire Police’s Chief Constable, Lisa Winward, over the transgressions her force committed and received a flat refusal from Mulligan to hold Winward to account, it is obvious there will be no scrutiny.

All is not well within Scarborough Borough Council as one councillor is quoted:

The last thing we need is a glorified bunch of Covid Nazis patrolling our streets. This is a disturbing attack on our freedoms which should be resisted by all who believe in the freedom and democracy. Britain fought World War 2 to defeat Nazi ideology, yet today we have a so-called Conservative Government betraying in this grotesque manner the Britain Churchill defended with such heroism.

If local councillors are questioning the Coronavirus regulations, why is no one in Westminster?

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