Wednesday 12th June 2024,
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The Deadly Scarborough & Whitby Pandemic

The past year has been the strangest I’ve ever experienced. Listening to the UK Government and their media you’d think there was a deadly virus stalking the land, killing off the young and old alike, removing the healthy and vulnerable from this mortal plane and leaving in its wake more corpses than we’ve known for a long time.

During these testing times we give thanks to ever diligent keyworkers like former Conservative Councillor Andrew Jenkinson who represents Woodlands Division. In his line of work as an undertaker Cllr Jenkinson has had to bury an extra mountain of corpses caused by this viral holocaust with the usual dignity and respect.

During 2020, if you listen to the likes of the BBC, you would have expected Cllr Jenkinson to experience the busiest year of his professional life as an undertaker. Cllr Jenkinson recently stated that the Covid19 death figures have been inflated. I get that. I feel it is all too easy to put Covid19 on a death certificate. Is this fraud?

Shall we have a closer look at all the extra work Cllr Jenkinson and his fellow undertakers had to cope with?

According to Scarborough Borough Council, which runs crematoria and graveyards in the Borough, the total number of cremations and burials carried out over the past few years are as follows:

Year Cremations Burials Total
2015 1177 252 1429
2016 1373 271 1644
2017 1422 235 1657
2018 1374 246 1620
2019 1363 241 1604
2020 1370 261 1631

Here is a nice pretty picture of that data for the dyscalculic among us.

How odd is that? According to the ONS England & Wales registered deaths increased by 18% in 2020, but it is not reflected in the cremations and burials carried out in the Borough of Scarborough.

During 2020, Scarborough was breathlessly reported on as a Coronavirus hotspot by the BBC and the local voice of doom, The Scarborough News, roamed the streets ringing a bell and shouting “Bring Out Yer Dead!“.

We should have seen perhaps 1750 deaths in the Borough if we followed the national average in 2020. 2017 was 5% busier than 2020 for Cllr Jenkinson and his colleagues in the funeral industry. How is it possible during a deadly viral pandemic that cremations and burials were higher in 2017 and below average in 2020?

Because, as I’ve been stating since April 2020, whilst having my ability to post messages to such social media pages as The Scarborough News, Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council and what was formerly Yorkshire Coast Radio curtailed, what we’ve been through is a fake pandemic. Figures now show it.

The biggest disappointment for me was that the majority of people seem to have totally accepted the obvious propaganda pumped out by The Conservative Party and their compliant globalist news media. People accepted the most egregious of lies because they came from the UK Government, the NHS and local authorities.

I wrote an article back in May 2020 titled The Great Lockdown Hoax. I saw back then that lockdowns were totally unnecessary. I really didn’t envisage a lockdown lasting this long, but I ended the article with:

When the old normal returns we must set about re-purposing politicians and senior government officials. I hear the salt mines are nice this time of year.

Did the local government authority tasked with cremating and burying the dead during the deadly viral holocaust in the Borough of Scarborough take it’s eye off the ball? Or did the local authority cover up the fact there was no large increase in cremations and burials in the Borough during 2020? Answers are needed.

What has Scarborough Borough Council leader, Steve Siddons, been doing during the past year? What has Scarborough Borough Council Head Of Paid Service, Mike Green, been doing the the last year? Not their jobs.

These politicians and bureaucrats have closed our Borough for tourism and hospitality, a major part of the local economy. They’ve thrown a great many people on the dole. They’ve closed a plethora of local businesses, some never to return.

These politicians and bureaucrats should have been fully aware of the cremation and burial figures because, if a deadly viral holocaust had actually arrived, they may have needed to secure extra capacity to cremate and bury the hundreds of extra corpses. They have caused an enormous amount of damage to the Borough by not doing what they are elected and paid to do.

I suspect they’ll just use the Nuremberg defence: “I was just obeying orders.” Resignations are now required.

These politicians and bureaucrats are the plague on our town, not a novel variant of the Coronavirus.

I for one would like to go out for a couple of pints and a game of pool in the very near future without having to show a bloody vaccine passport. And it would be absolutely bloody marvellous to see some smiles whilst out doing the weekly food shopping.

If you’re up for some civil disobedience and a spot of maskless grocery shopping, join Telegram.

EDIT: An FOI request was found with more accurate data than was provided to councillors. Article updated.

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