Wednesday 12th June 2024,
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Ashamed Lib Dem Cllr Desperate To Deliver

Northstead Ward councillor, John Atkinson, who was so ashamed to be a Liberal Democrat that he stood as an Independent in the 2019 Scarborough Borough Council elections, asked SBC’s senior legal officer for epidemiological advice whether it would be OK to deliver his spring ward newsletter.


Thank you for message.

The drafts of my Northstead Spring newsletter are almost ready to go to the printers.

I deliver them personally by hand (2500 approx).

I think it would be good for residents to see someone from the council around their streets I could look out for elderly residents who may need help and my newsletter could include contact details for help and information on the coronavirus.

I understand from YCR this morning that SBC are issuing a t/p number helpline.

Apparently the virus transfers from metal, plastic, wood etc initially but hardly at all from paper leaflets, and I would propose wearing surgical latex gloves for the deliveries and observing the 2 metre rule.

I notice door to door postal deliveries continue to be made by the post office in the normal way.

What do you think?


Councillor John Atkinson CQP MCQI
Northstead Ward
Scarborough Borough Council

With the UK in the midst of lockdown during a global pandemic after the rapid spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus because the Chinese government tried to cover up the spread of the virus rather than dealing with it, I think I can field this one.

John, Stay At Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives.

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