Sunday 21st April 2024,
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That ‘Masterplan’

That ‘Masterplan’

by NIGEL WARD, providing context to the Scarborough Harbour regeneration debate.


Three recent articles by NYE harbours correspondent ALLAN ROBERTS have aroused considerable interest in the Council’s secret ‘Masterplan’ for the regeneration of Scarborough Harbour, as envisioned by Hemingway Design (and described thus on their website).

The articles in question can be viewed here:

  1. “Whale Watching”
  2. “Slaves to the ‘Masterplan'”
  3. “LUNA PARK – a Missed Opportunity”

The collective thrust of these articles is that the ‘Masterplan’, though not entirely without merit, signally fails to provide an acceptable blueprint for the successful regeneration of Scarborough Harbour within the terms set out by the Council:

Ahead of the Cabinet Meeting scheduled for 10:00am on Wednesday 20th October 2020, readers are invited, in order to arrive at an informed opinion, to view the full version of the secret ‘Masterplan’ here:

Members of the public wishing to comment may address their remarks to the Chair of the Cabinet (and Leader of the Council) Councillor Steve SIDDONS [Lab.], here:

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