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STRANGEWAY Champions CSA Victim

STRANGEWAY Champions CSA Victim

Anti-corruption and transparency campaigner Andy STRANGEWAY, who is an independent Independent East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor for the Pocklington Provincial Ward, has published – with the consent of the victim – allegations of an extraordinary ‘Duty of Care’ failure over many, many years. At Andy’s request, the Enquirer reproduces his publication below, as our Guest Author.


Victim Responds To Buckley’s Vile Suggestion

Victim of ERYC Graham Baverstock has requested me to publish his response to Mathew Buckley’s suggestion that he is a vulnerable adult, as reported in ERYC Conceal Child Abuse: Attempt To Silence.

It disgusts me that ERYC will stoop so low to defend their shameful conduct towards Graham.

Email From Graham Baverstock To ERYC

(The following was written by Graham last night and is reproduced verbatim)

I formally  raise a complaint  against Matthew Buckley Head of Legal Services for interference with my right to family and private life and my  legal right to disclose to the media any matter that is deemed in the public interest  since i am the person that is affected by your council  false claims

I deem the fact that East Riding Council officers attempted to blacken my character by stating to its Councillors AT THAT TIME  that I was not a victim of Child  Abuse when I was VICTIM  whether your council deems me vulnerable or not  that is not the issue at hand  the issue is that my honesty and credibility  was brought into question by your officers therefore through the reporter  A  Mr  Andy  Strangeway I gave information to  this gentleman to get published my account  to set the record straight  that your council officers misled its own  Councillors by stating i WAS NOT A VICTIM OF CHILD ABUSE

More  so your Matthew Buckley Head of Legal Services claims  that a Councillor Andy Strangeway  could have exploited me this is in my view an attempt to bring into question the integrity of Councillor  Strangeway  and your council  should  say you are sorry to him  for inferring  he had exploited me

I have instructed  my Child abuse Solicitor to write a letter once this has been  written your council will  receive it and I will post for the whole world to see#

You are  attacking  Councillor  Strangeway  Solely  as he has been supportive to me  against the  wicked and deliberate  acts of your council to exploit my care needs your council has cruelly abused me over many years your council has  exploited beyond  words your council  has systematically abused me by neglect trauma and forced me to endure adverse conditions for the last 7 years

Your council attempted to fake a care  assessment that is exploitation  that was done only a year ago

A quote from Mr Buckley Letter below

This is therefore an opportunity for you to consider whether these actions have the potential to exploit the individual and to remind you that under the Care Act 2014 we all have a duty to safeguard vulnerable adults.

Mathew Buckley
Head of Legal and Democratic Services

Let me make it clear  neither Andy  Straangeway  the reporter or Councillor Andy Strangeway  has exploited me as I have years ago waived my right to anonymity togive interviews to the news channels and the press  i Also recall my Solicitor writing to your council objecting to the false  claims  your officer  stated in or around 2007 however subsequently  under THE CQC  PARAGRAPH 20 CANDOUR  your council is guilty for covering up the systemic abuse and severe  exploitation  of my person what action are you  taking to ensure the abuse I endure is halted or are you going to continue to allow your officers in social services the right to continue  to abuse me by wanton willful neglect and by  abuse of public office in the process and by your officers lying  to defraud me  care

secondly I may be disabled and vulnerable in terms of my health which your council ignores but i have  full mental capacity  to make my own decisions based on what I determine not what your council  determines for me since i am subjected to oppressive regimes of bullying and abuse  by your council are you investigating  your own council for these actions or are you going to bury them  under the carpet  as the normal case is within your council

Your  council agenda is to harm me and abuse me in any  way you can get away with it even if it means lying  as the case has been for many years just to stop me  getting care

i like this highlighted below

“This is therefore an opportunity for you to consider whether these actions have the potential to exploit the individual and to remind you that under the Care Act 2014 we all have a duty to safeguard vulnerable adults.”

however  east riding council has no duty to protect me it abuses  daily weekly monthly yearly and it abuses me at will severely  and with impunity it has seriously harmed me by way of serious neglect  now what  East riding  council  this is going to be posted on the net

at my direction  i want the world to see not only i was a victim of  serious sexual  abuse  but serious neglect at your council  hands which you glee over

whilst on the subject i am about to release a statement  that will rock the foundations of your council

your council has harmed me for far too long with impunity it will now stop

you may threaten your Councillors but you will not threaten me ever again  restore my care package that was stolen off me by willful deception  of facts  simple as

lastly  i thank you  for sending our precious  police officers up tonight wasting their  time when you could resolve issues and I told the police officers I will commit suicide  as promised

east riding  council lies to defraud  and ill man of care


Request To Caroline Lacey ERYC Chief Executive

I have requested of Caroline Lacey:

  1. A meeting as a matter of urgency
  2. Acceptance that I can be an advocate for Graham
  3. An investigation into ERYC concealing child abuse
  4. A full and unreserved apology for Graham for the way ERYC have treated him especially over recent weeks
  5. An urgent review of Grahams care needs with myself present

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